We can't control the weather, but we can control the schedule, costs, quality and safety.


Navy Chief of Staff

The launch of KRI Bontang 907 already feels like an addition to Indonesian Navy/TNI-AL armada, and ( indirectly) escalates Nation's confidence.

Batam, 26 September 2018

Admiral TNI Siwi Sukma Aji, SE., MM.

Director of Operations of PT. Pertamina Trans Kontinental

(PTK is) thanking PT Batamec on their smart and hard work, with which all obstacles are always tackled properly.Welook forward to enduring co-opration with PT.Batamec in futures to come


Chief of Logistics Staff Division (ASLOG) of Navy Chief of Staff (KSAL)

Indonesian Navy/TNI-AL entrusts PT. Batamec on the construction of Vassel BCM III. it is of our biggest and sincerest hope that this Vassel will be delivered on-time wtih the right quality.

Batam, March 31, 2017

Rear Admiral TNI Mulyadi, SPi., MAP.

Commitment Maker Official of Passenger Vessel “SABUK NUSANTARA 108 & 109”
Directorate General of Marine Transportation - Ministry of Transportation

Keep up the good work
Always be remarkable, awesome and flawless.

Yudhonur Setyaji P.

Managing Director of PT. Pertamina Trans Kontinental

Good Job Batamec,(These Harbour Tugs are Completed ) according to schedule, Good luck !

Giri Santoso

Chief of Logistics Staff Division (ASLOG) of 

Navy Chief of Staff (KSAL)

This ship (BCM III) is built on Indonesian tax payer's Money, her presence at Indonesian waters has been long anticipated in order to uload Nation's sovereignty, and Batamec has a remarkable contribution to make that wish come true. please put quality on priority to make the most out of her relibility

Batam, September 8, 2017

Rear Admiral TNI Mulyadi, SPi., MAP.

Director of Sea Traffic and Transport -
Directorate General of Marine Transportation of Ministry of Transportation

PT. Batamec ,to me, has always been very impressive. supported by its modern facility and professional workers, this shipyard has never failed to deliver any kinds of ship products according to owner's specifications. These fact can also be seen from how the shipyard build and completed Government's project (two units of passanger ship named "Sabuk Nusantara 108" and "Sabuk Nusantara 109") in terms of punctuality and quality. A message to PT Batamec's Management : Keep the professionalism intact and always pay attention to your workers welfare. Being one of the Company's bihhest assets, your workers have already, and continuously contributed to the success of PT. Batamec 

Batam, May 9, 2017

Bay M. Hasani


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